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How to change Samsung S view?


If anyone among you looks for a way to change Samsung S view, he might find an answer right away. We are here to prove you that any Samsung user is actually able to set his or her own S view of the smartphone background without changing your device or risking your default settings. You can actually use your own wallpaper instead of looking at the same banal consumer`s background S view, which does not come in such awesome colors and patterns.

Now, let us guide you through the entire simple procedure that explains to you how to change Samsung S view. Below, you can see all the steps to do perform in order to change the look of your Android smartphone regarding the background.

Here is how to change Samsung S view:

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Find the place to tab the app you will need to change Samsung S view
  3. Write down QuickShortcutmaker
  4. Download the application
  5. Install the app on your device
  6. Restart, if needed, and just in case to be sure that you will be able to use it at a full value
  7. Go to Normal search in the app
  8. Switch from Incremental search, if necessary, because sometimes, QuickShortcutmaker goes with it as default search option
  9. Go to Setting icon
  10. Move to the setting icon
  11. Scroll down the list
  12. Tab on Power Saving option
  13. Find S View option
  14. Look for the full name – SviewCover2014
  15. Click on Try panel to take a look at what you can achieve and how to change Samsung S view
  16. Save the shortcut on your home screen
  17. Open the new shortcut
  18. Select the photo you want to use
  19. Browse the photo from your own Gallery
  20. Crop the picture, if necessary to change Samsung S view finally
  21. Save the changes

If you have any questions or difficulties as to this procedure, make sure to contact us back. We will be very happy and ready to additionally help you out with this task. To change Samsung S View, though, is quite easy and you can make it on your own with our guide, by all means.

How to change Samsung S7 keyboard color?


If the current one does not suit your tastes, you can always change Samsung s7 keyboard color. Many users prefer to customize their mobile device appearance and performance and they are not supposed to be blamed at all. After all, when there`s a way to make such a change, why not taking benefits of it? Today, we are going to name you the different ways to try in order to change Samsung s7 keyboard color.

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How to change Samsung update server?


The reason why someone might want to change Samsung update server is by all means connected with the change of the current location. What we mean is that if you have a smartphone from one country, but you want to use it at a full value in all system settings and options, this change might be very necessary. When you do this change, you will be able to get the necessary updates, specifically for your country.

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How to change time Xbox one?


You might have heard that if you want to change time Xbox one, you might get some ban from a game administrator or the console system administrators. There`s no such a thing. And if you have read this gossip among any gamer`s forum, be sure to forget it. There is a way to change time Xbox one and to tell you the truth, it is pretty easy. All you need to do, of course, is to follow our simple guide.

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How to change Xbox to 480p?


If you are wondering how to change Xbox to 480p, you might be in a need to make some updates for your resolution. This is not a rare task an Xbox console owner might face. For instance, if you have just bought your console, some basic settings must be adapted to your peripheral devices, like the TV. On the other side, if you have just bought your TV, then such a change Xbox to 480 might be also needed if the TV screen has 480p resolution.

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How to change Xbox refresh rate?


Anyone can change Xbox refresh rate. It is one of the options you have as an Xbox console owner when it comes to the appropriate adjusting settings the devices comes with. We are here to give you some basic instructions about this mission. As a matter of fact, any Xbox – including the newest and the oldest versions – have a lot of options, when it comes to display settings and their modifications, updates, and changes. It is extremely simple to make a change in the settings, including the change Xbox refresh rate.

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How to change iPhone operating system?


If you want to change iPhone operating system, you have two options – whether to change it to the top common Android platform or to go for the modern, but not that liked by everyone Windows Mobile. Ok, or at least these are the main alternatives you have in case you are up to change iPhone operating system. And since this material has already started with the clear statement you do not actually need Windows Mobile on your iPhone, let`s skip to the Android part. There is a very easy way to make the change – fast and safely. Plus – once you do it, you will be able to get the two groups of benefits: those of having an iPhone and those of using the most intuitive and budget-friendly mobile operating system, Android.

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How to change iPhone MAC address without jailbreak?


You might have been already told that there is no chance for anyone to change iPhone MAC address without jailbreak. Some people even claim that jailbreaking is supposed to be the last island to step on when it comes to making such updates or changes on your Apple`s smartphone. Well, there is no doubt that jailbreaking is in most cases the top simple answer and approach for numerous missions you need to accomplish on your mobile device.

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How to change Samsung z1 to Android?


In case you are looking for alternatives to change Samsung z1 to Android, it means you have Tizen phone, no doubt. Well done, you`ve had a smartphone with characteristics that might have nothing to do or similar with the features you are looking for. This is a guess we make by considering the fact you are looking for a way to change Samsung z1 to Android.

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How to change theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover?


No one likes Samsung decision to make a hilarious limit on the consumer`s phone look, which is why today, everyone wants to change Theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover. Indeed, Xcover is one of the most used software that runs on Android OS with about 1.5 GB RAM and offers 4-5 inch, 480 x 800 pixel display with good options for style recovery, but you want something more, right? Here is how to change Theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover step by step, guys. Use our guide and make your life simpler and your phone: more beautiful and personalized in a way you want it to look:

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