How to change iPhone 5 picture quality?


If a consumer wants to change iPhone 5 picture quality, there are several alternatives for him. To select the most suitable alternative especially for your needs and for your device, there will be no difficulties or limits regarding your IT skills. The following methods are appropriate for users of all ages and ages of experience with mobile devices and digital innovations. In all cases, you will succeed in making better images via your iPhone 5 smartphone simply and effortlessly. Now let`s skip to the concrete steps and ways to change iPhone 5 quality images:

Change iPhone camera resolution. Unlike iPhone 6, iPhone 5 can be improved as to the picture quality it provides with this change. The iOS version of iPhone 5 allows you to change the camera resolution.
Skip to Settings -> Photos & Cameras -> Record Slo-motion picture ->Try the 720 p at 240 fps option -> Make a picture and see the results


App alternative

It lets you change iPhone 5 picture quality by using a specific application for iOS. Actually, it is not necessary to test some difficult apps. The following are simple to be used:

Step 1. Use Image size. Install and open it. Then, select the desired resolution. You can change iPhone 5 picture quality by changing the resolution in pixels, inches, cm or mm.
Step 2. Save the changed images in your device. You can also send it directly to your e-mail.
Step 3. Test the same method with the iResize app.
Step 4. Change iPhone 5 picture quality with no app or resolution correction of the camera.
Step 5. Resize the photo to change its quality.
Step 6. Use the crop option to reduce the image size.


Take a screenshot. It is another way to reduce the photo size and to improve its quality.

When you wonder how to change iPhone 5 picture quality the alternatives are not that many, but yet enough to consider what could be the one that suits you. Make sure to test all of them if you are willing to achieve perfect results as possible. Send us a comment with your final outcome or ask for an assistance, if you need such. You can count on our support.

How to change iPhone 5 picture quality?
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