How to change iPhone icons without jailbreak?


If a person wants to change iPhone icons without jailbreak, it certainly means he or she needs to find the right application to do so. Thankfully, the Apple store is full of alternatives and it is a matter of personal taste or technical recommendation by someone you know to know a lot about the digital sphere.

Customizing the look and the style of your mobile device is a great way to show originality, but having the right tool to do so is the first step you need to do. The next steps are even easier. Because most of the tools that help us to change iPhone icons without jailbreak are simple to be navigated. And the iConer is a great evidence to mean all of these. Which is why today, we will show you how to change iPhone icons without jailbreak, but with the awesome iConer app.

  1. Visit App store at first and find iConer application
  2. Download it for free on your iPhone
  3. Open the application and you will see no difference with your current screen layout of the icons you have. But…
  4. Press on any of the icons and you will see that the application will give you all the possible options you have for a change
  5. Use any of the templates and copy any of them or customize your own template by choosing the creative options
  6. Hit the plus button in the middle of the layout the iConer provides and you can make your own icon and replace a current one with it
  7. Save the icon and use it immediately or in future by preserving it as a complete and ready to be used template like any of those we have mentioned above
  8. Check out all of the icons you have created, as well as the full list of the changed icons from the very first moment you use iConer by pressing on the profile button (with a person body)
  9. Choose from the big variety of icons the app is offering you because they are, indeed, many and quite interesting regarding the design
  10. Enjoy using iConer app to change iPhone icons without jailbreak and tell us on mandatory what you think about it. Personally, we truly love this great application. You should, too…!
How to change iPhone icons without jailbreak?
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