How to change iPhone keyboard to abc


Those, who want to change iPhone keyboard to ABC are probably fed up with the qwerty keyboard they already have and use on their Apple mobile devices. However, it is not harsh or tough to make the change. You can change iPhone keyboard to ABC easily in few simple steps. And we will definitely understand your decision to do so. Indeed, a qwerty keyboard can be a total trouble for some specific mobile device writers.

However, whatever the frequency of your writing on the iPhone smartphone is, we are here to provide you the necessary information about it. Here is how to change iPhone keyboard ABC fast and safely, step by step, so you can do it as soon as possible:

Take the benefit of using an app to move from the qwerty to the ABC keyboard.

  1. Open App Store.
  2. Enter your account to be able to see all of the options you have for purchase or a free ABC keyboard application.
  3. Begin with a search of a free ABC keyboard app.
  4. Download and install such, if you find the one that suits your needs and costs you nothing.
  5. Reconcile with the fact the moment / period of time you read this and visit App store there might be only one app for iPhone ABC keyboard.
  6. Type the following application name: EZ ABC keyboard.
  7. Take a look at its features and characteristics. It should be just what you are a looking for.
  8. Note that EZ ABC keyboard works on all iOS 8 iPhone models.
  9. Download the app.

Have in mind that you do not have to pay anything, because EZ ABC keyboard costs you nothing.
Install the application on your smartphone
Follow the guides for the settings. It is easy to have the app fast, because the directions are very simple, as a matter of fact.
Restart the device just in case to make sure everything of the installation process went fine and you can use the app now. Turn on the keyboard settings. If you do not see any EZ keyboard ABC icon, tap Add a new keyboard and add it
Start using the EZ ABC keyboard application now
Congrats! You have succeeded in the task to change iPhone keyboard to ABC. If you have any troubles with EZ ABC keyboard, contact us. We will be happy to help.

How to change iPhone keyboard to abc
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