How to change iPhone keyboard to T9?


The idea to change iPhone keyboard T9 must be a very useful way for busy people or those, who send a large number of messages (above the average number) per day to simplify their lives. It could be understood if a businessman does this, because there is no doubt, that most of the communication today is performed on our smartphones and most of the business smartphones are, no doubt, Apple`s.

This is why we have decided that going to the classical T9 keyboard could be useful for iPhone users, as well. And to know how to change iPhone keyboard T9 is the first thing you need to start with. Then, you will need few hours or days to practice with the method and eventually you will no longer be able to type normally on the keyboard and to send your message as fast as you can do it with the T9 by hand…no, by finger! But let us at first remind you what the T9 input method was and how we can today apply it to our iPhone-based lifestyle and business management.

T9 is a specially tailored input method that has been at first inserted into SMS messages, but with the era of smartphones, it has also become very popular with e-mail writing and etc. Today, we use it on all social platforms and communication apps we can think off. With T9 it is needed for you to input the first or the first two letters of a word, and it will come out as a suggestion. Fast, helpful and efficient, isn`t it? And now the most important question – can you change iPhone keyboard to T9. From now on you can. Here is how to do it step by step:

Step 1. Get to know TypeNine – the iPhone T9 input method app you can now find in the App Store.
Step 2. Visit App Store and find TypeNine application.
Step 3. Download the TypeNine app on your device
Step 4. Install the app by following the steps and the guides it is backed up with
Step 5. Choose the language for the T9input method.
Step 6. Select from English, Spanish, and Danish

Start writing and practicing with the T9 input method on your smartphone

To change iPhone keyboard to T9 is not easy with the TypeNine app specially made for iOS devices. Have it on your own, too!

How to change iPhone keyboard to T9?
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