How to change iPhone layout


If a person wants to change iPhone layout, probably, he or she realizes that this amazing device is no longer that unique experts in digital technologies claim. Indeed, there is nothing like the Apple`s discovery, but today, when everybody`s got a smartphone and about 60% of the smartphone owners do owe an iPhone, it becomes a matter of originality to make it as unique as it is said to be.

Well, the decision to change iPhone layout is a good one regardless the fact you are experienced and into the digital sphere, or you are just an ordinary smartphone user, who takes it out of the pocket to make a call and check out the social web profile activity. We are here to help you out with this chore. And you need to be sure from the very beginning. It is very easy to change iPhone layout. Just follow our guide and do these steps:
Step 1. Go to Settings.
Step 2. Go to General settings.
Step 3. Press Reset button to reset the icons on the iPhone layout.
Step 4. Reset Home screen layout is your next step to perform.
Step 5. Agree with the situation you have already achieved and managed on your iPhone layout.
Step 6. Confirm – this is the action you need to do to announce your agreements.
Step 7. Press the button in red where you will find the following notice: reset home screen
Step 8. Switch off the iPhone just in case to be sure that the default settings of the smartphone layout are reset
Step 9. Switch on the iPhone once again
Step 10. Choose the original layout you want to put as a replacement of the default settings
Step 11. Confirm each operation once again and restart your device to see the final outcome


See the screen of your iPhone. Check out that the default layout is no longer with the same look as it was only a few minutes ago. Get ready to use your iPhone with unique iPhone layout.

Do not doubt to contact us back if you have any issues with the task to change iPhone layout, guys! We would be happy to help.

How to change iPhone layout
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