How to change picture quality iPhone 4?


If someone wants to change picture quality iPhone 4, here is good news for you: it is possible and there are several ways to do so. The idea is to make it simpler, faster and more effective, of course, to share, upload, copy or edit a certain image via your smartphone. There is no doubt that most iPhone models – including iPhone 4 – have good cameras with good features that make good photographs. However, a good picture can always become better today, right? With the right improvement trick or approach, you can now change picture quality iPhone 4. Here are the standard things you can do to do so.

Change the camera resolution to change picture quality iPhone 4. This is the top logical thing you can do. However, this method will not work on all Apple devices (like iPhone 6, for instance). Still, when it comes to iPhone 4, you can rely on this method.
Go to this directory Settings > Photos & Cameras > Camera Section (Record Slo-motion picture) > Chose this parameter: 720 p at 240 fps > Make a photograph now > See the final outcome


How to change picture quality iPhone 4

Use a specially tailored app to change the quality of an iPhone 4 picture. There are many applications you can try. Choose the one that suits your IT skills and experience. When searching for a suitable app in App Store filter image resize apps.

Consider Image size app. It can replace the current size of your picture with a new one in pixels, cm or mm, as well as in inches.

Try this alternative for an app to change the picture quality iPhone 4: iResize.

In both cases receive your newly made and improved iPhone picture via e-mail. You can also store it directly on your mobile device.

Alternative approach

  1. Try to change picture quality iPhone 4 with no app usage. You can instead crop and resize the image.
  2. Visit your iPhone default settings
  3. Find crop feature
  4. Crop the picture
  5. Make the picture smaller
  6. Have the image in a better quality after decreasing it
  7. Use home and sleep or wake button
  8. Make a screenshot receive a smaller picture size, respectively with better quality


The described methods show you how to change the picture quality iPhone 4 freely and in no time. Choose what sounds to you best!

How to change picture quality iPhone 4?
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