How to change PS4 dashboard?


Many gamers seem to be interested in the option to change PS4 dashboard. And you should not be curious why. As a matter of fact, indeed, the latest PS version dashboard seems to be a little bit messy and this chaos may be very annoying for the most organized and disciplined gamers in the community. Moreover – the previous PS3 version offered much more organized dashboard, where it was easier to find what you are looking for, especially if you have a lot of elements to look through.

Indeed, if you are a gamer with many interests, respectively many games and a lot of experience, the newest PS4 version dashboard will make you harder to reach the icons you want to reach as soon as possible. So the option to change Ps4 dashboard becomes a very logical plan. The question is can you actually do such a thing. Is there a way to change PS4 dashboard.

Find out how to change PS4 dashboard now:

  • Give up on the plan to change PS4 dashboard. Because you cannot do it. This is the most common answer you might receive.
  • Try to order the icons in a better way without changing the PS4 dashboard, itself.
  • Go to Settings
  • Visit System part
  • Click to limit the number of items on the home screen.
  • Find a theme to contrast the icons depending on its skin and main nuance.
  • Place it for a background of your dashboard
  • Save the changes
  • Check out if this alternative suits you
  • Make sure you achieve your primary goals when you used to consider changing PS4 dashboard. This method is not exactly the answer to your question, but it should suit your purpose.

You can contact us if you have some additional questions. We tried to help you at a full value. Even though realizing that there is a no a straight option to change PS4 dashboard, the alternatives we gave you might be ok, too, right?

How to change PS4 dashboard?
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