How to change PS4 date of birth?


Ok, at first point, the desire to change PS4 date of birth seems a little bit confusing and weird, but it is for sure: there are many searches of this issue on the web. Moreover – the cases of people, who are trying to make this change are also many and the reasons are numerous. Sometimes, you cannot use your ID or debit card, if the date of birth on this document is different from your previously left information in your PS profile. In all cases, it is important for a gamer to change Ps4 date of birth mostly when he grows up. Why are we saying that? Well, here is where the main reason the date of birth was at first wrongly written.

The thing is that a person becomes a gamer from his early age, when it is impossible to make a PS account. The gamer either lies about his or her age, when creating an official account, or asks a parent (other grown-up) to sign up instead of him / her. As a result of this, when the gamer grows up, it is impossible for him to use the same account – especially if the password is lost. As any other subscription, PS account can be recovered even if you lose your password (or / and username) only if you answer a special secret question. However, to reach this question, you need to write down your birthday, which is another case, when you face an issue with this date. Some people will tell you that it is impossible to chance PS4 date of birth. At first, we were about to tell you the same. Though, there are two ways you might be curious to try or at least, to hear about.

Here is what you can do to change Ps4 date of birth:

  1. Contact PS4 customer support services.
  2. Explain your issue.
  3. Be honest when telling why you do not know your Ps4 date of birth or why you have lied the first place
  4. Change your Ps4 date of birth by following their guides
  5. Make another account and replace the e-mails with your parent`s e-mail and account.
  6. Do it by visiting your profile via Facebook

If you have some additional questions as to how to Ps4 date of birth, contact us right away.

How to change PS4 date of birth?
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