How to change PS4 display name?


In past, there was an option that let you change PS4 display name, remember? Ok, it was not exactly like that, but a similar right to make a choice was provided to the users, so they could take the benefits of having their gamer tag as they wanted them to be. Today, to change PS4 display name might be a big challenge, though. It is for sure that many of you have tried to make some combos through the account changes or by contacting the customer support services, but everything was in vain, right? Do not worry. Today, we will give you the directions how to change PS4 display name and we are not talking about that old, but a gold option that does not exist anymore and that appears only when you firstly open your account.

Here is what you can do to change PS4 display name:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Move the mouse on the tap to find the option you look for
  3. Click on PSN section
  4. Find it on the third field to the top
  5. Wait few minutes for the folder to load – especially if this is your first time in this section
  6. Press Account information tab
  7. Find it in the second position from the top
  8. Be careful not to click on sign out. This might be the last time you are in your account if you do not remember all of your data for signing in
  9. Wait for the loading up to
  10. Go to the fourth column
  11. Click on Profile
  12. Press on the first option – Name
  13. You will be shown the two fields for sign in password and user name with user name filled with your ID
  14. Type your password
  15. Write the name you want to be displayed on the first name field
  16. Enjoy your new display name

If you have any questions as to the tutorial how to change PS4 display name, do not doubt, but contact us right away. We would be happy to help you.

How to change PS4 display name?
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