How to change PS4 online id?


One of the most frequently asked questions for the newest PS version – the PS4 – is whether and how to change Ps4 online id. Indeed, it might be weird and strange for you, but as a matter of fact, many users are desperately seeking for an alternative they can take benefits of regarding this problem. Some people just did not have good options for an ID, when they were firstly making their accounts. Others, on the other side, did not even think about how important this could be. In all cases, the more experienced you become, the more everything starts mattering, right? So do the Ps4 online id. So if you also ask yourself how to change PS4 online ID, here are the things we can tell you for sure and the recommendations we would like to give you.

The easiest way to change PS4 online id:

  1. Forget about changing your PS online Id. You just cannot do this. It is one of the Sony`s policies rules and you are not able to do anything about it.
  2. Make a new account. If you are so annoyed about your current PS4 online ID, you need to use your second chance to have a suitable one. So go open a new account
  3. Go offline. In this mode you can change Ps4 Id and what to be displayed as your name.
  4. Try to explain the customer support services why you really need to change your Ps4 online ID. There might be cases this worked. But we do not know anything about these cases. Really.

Make sure not to worry about your PS4 online Id. Indeed, it can be very annoying and not suitable for your experience or game preferences at all. However, you know very well that the ID is not the most important thing about your exciting PS4 experience. So enjoy your game instead and good luck!

How to change PS4 online id?
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