How to change Samsung Android version?


It is a must for every Samsung smartphone owner to be able to change Samsung Android version on her or his device. What we speak about is, of course, the important chore any smartphone user has: to update his software version. And since Samsung uses Android, you need to be able to change Samsung Android version unless you decide to skip to a new company…

Before giving you the necessary instructions how to change Samsung Android version, it is significant for us to tell you why this task is so beneficial to be strictly done by every one of you. Well, updating your smartphone or in your case – to change Samsung Android version – means you will use the latest version of your smartphone provider. So, you will also be able to use its latest innovations and all the recently added options.

In other words, one of the biggest benefits is the chance to take the advantages of using an improved and more stable device without replacing it with a new one. In addition to these, you will also receive the opportunity to resolve the potential problems by fixing bugs and errors that have occurred on your device. Last, but not least, an upgrade of your software brings you a completely new experience on your Samsung. So here are the steps to follow, when the time to change Samsung Android version comes:

  1. Backup your contact list in advance. You do not want to lose your business contacts or your aunt`s number, right?
  2. Do the same with your personal data that you care for: photos, files, music, etc.
  3. Check if you have a reliable wifi connection.
  4. Move to the apps
  5. Search of the settings menu
  6. Tap on settings and find About Device
  7. Look for it at the bottom of the settings list
  8. Find Software update, which might be at the top of the next list with options
  9. Press Update button
  10. Make sure the phone is connected to your provider`s servers
  11. Wait till a new version that is not installed on your computer is available and released by Samsung
  12. Wait for the installation and the update to finish
  13. See finished or done notice and enjoy the update, guys!

If you are unable to do something of this process, contact us for some more help.

How to change Samsung Android version?
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