How to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound?


Probably you are new to this brand smartphone series if you are trying to find a way to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound. But even though you have been a Samsung Galaxy owner for years and now you have no clue or idea how to do that, do not panic, and what is more important: do not get embarrassed. We all have weak points and nobody knows everything, right? And this one must be yours. There is a way for you to change Samsung unlock sound, which is the good news. And now we are going to show it to you how to make your mission complete. Follow our steps:

Try with a special app for the purpose. You know that today, there is an app for anything and for any question. The question how to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound is not an exception. Test Lock sound. It available in Google Store and you can download it 100% for free. Note that downloading apps is not mandatory to change Samsung Galaxy unlock. There is another alternative. Follow the next steps and try the other method Get aware if the lock screen is set to swipe on your device. If not, set it up now.

  1. Go to settings menu
  2. Press on lock screen icon
  3. Move to unlock effects
  4. Choose from various types that are suitable for the unlock swiping sound effect
  5. Press on the “selected” melody
  6. Restart the phone to be sure that the change you have made has been preserved
  7. Test it out now
  8. Lock your Samsung phone
  9. Unlock the phone
  10. Hear if the melody is the last one you have selected from the list from above we have mentioned you
  11. Enjoy the new unlock sound you have on your Samsung smartphone device

If you have any problems with any of the two methods that are the easiest ways to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound, please, contact us and we will give you even more detailed directions, so you succeed in your mission. And if you have managed to do what you want to do – congrats, now you can change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound on a regular basis! Wasn`t hard, right?

How to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound?
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