How to change Samsung update server?


The reason why someone might want to change Samsung update server is by all means connected with the change of the current location. What we mean is that if you have a smartphone from one country, but you want to use it at a full value in all system settings and options, this change might be very necessary. When you do this change, you will be able to get the necessary updates, specifically for your country.

In most cases, there is a specially tailored for the specific country firmware you need to download and use as an update to your Samsung server. Once this firmware is added to the Android device, you will no longer have any limits in its use in the concrete region or country. This is the main idea for you to change Samsung update server and you can do it by changing the CSC of your phone.

CSC is an abbreviation that stands behind the term of Consumer Software Customization. It is specially made for a specific geographic region or country. The CSC is actually a code, so when you want to change Samsung update server, you are actually supposed to change this code. By following the next steps you will change the CSC code, which means you will be able to change Samsung update server, too.

This is what you have to do to change Samsung update server:

  • Fund the dialer on your phone
  • Open it and get ready to type a code as you will dial someone’s phone number, but not from your phone book
  • Find your IMEI number right behind the white sticker. IT is placed on your Android phone battery back
  • Tap the following combination *#272*Phone’s IMEI Here#
  • Wait for a pop-up to come out on your phone
  • Make sure there is a list of numerous CSC codes on this pop-up
  • Choose the CSC you need
  • Click on it
  • Install the CSC code
  • Reboot your phone, if it does not reboot automatically

Enjoy your CSC changed on your phone, which means you succeeded to change your Samsung update server. Do not doubt to contact us, if you want some additional help for this server update on your Android mobile device.

How to change Samsung update server?
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