How to change Samsung z1 to Android?


In case you are looking for alternatives to change Samsung z1 to Android, it means you have Tizen phone, no doubt. Well done, you`ve had a smartphone with characteristics that might have nothing to do or similar with the features you are looking for. This is a guess we make by considering the fact you are looking for a way to change Samsung z1 to Android.

The truth is that such a search – whether in a web or via a phone call to a friend you know and put on the same line with Anonymous hackers – is a not uncommon thing. We have some alternatives for all of you, who might have faced the same issue.

Here are your options if you have found yourself in urgent demand to change Samsung Z1 to Android:

  • Go to sell or trade off your phone. Sounds like a joke, doesn`t it? However, this is the easiest way you can get rid of the limits you are facing due to the Tizen philosophy now. Plus – on the other side, there are people, who might need Samsung z1 by Tizen, so why not being helpful to each other?
  • Try to update Tizen Firmware on your S3. There is a big chance for you to reach a solution that might be a version close to Android you want. Tizen is moving forward and as we all know it is a must to follow the leader to progress, right?
  • Flash the pit file. Ok, indeed, this is a risky action, but according to our search, some users have succeeded to manage their issues with the Tizen differences with the Android popular alternative.
  • Download all the Android apps you actually need and want to use on your Samsung z1. Why going sending Mohamed to the mountain if the mountain can go to Mohamed.
  • Visit Google Store.
  • Select the apps you really need on your Samsung device.
  • Download them.
  • Try to run them on your Tizen smartphone,
  • Use jailbreak to run them if they do not match the Tizen specifications.

Our possibilities to change Samsung z1 to Android might not be exactly what you have expected, but at least they prove we follow your idea and we still get to the same point, don`t we?

How to change Samsung z1 to Android?
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