How to change theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover?


No one likes Samsung decision to make a hilarious limit on the consumer`s phone look, which is why today, everyone wants to change Theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover. Indeed, Xcover is one of the most used software that runs on Android OS with about 1.5 GB RAM and offers 4-5 inch, 480 x 800 pixel display with good options for style recovery, but you want something more, right? Here is how to change Theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover step by step, guys. Use our guide and make your life simpler and your phone: more beautiful and personalized in a way you want it to look:

  1. Go to Settings and add shade to the notification by pressing the cog icon
  2. Scroll to search the list of available themes
  3. Press on the menu with the list and view all the available themes, which are all the used up to now options. In case you haven`t made any new theme installation, there will be only one, default theme option
  4. Press recommended themes if you want to move to the most popular themes (based on the Samsung Galaxy users` experience in general probably)
  5. Tab on More themes, which is the biggest possible list of all alternatives you have
  6. Go to the Theme Store you are transferred to by pressing on More themes options
  7. Tab on available or hottest Samsung themes
  8. Add the Theme store icon to your phone if you want to change theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover on a regular basis
  9. Start browsing the options will certain keywords to make your selection faster
  10. Write down pink in the search tab if you want something more girlish or in pink, for instance
  11. Tap on the selected theme
  12. Visit the Details menu that will tell you everything you need to know before installing the preferred theme
  13. Before downloading and installing it – if doubting yet – check out the available screenshots of the theme used on a Samsung Galaxy device
  14. Download the theme
  15. Press Apply to enjoy the theme you have chosen directly on your personal device

Vohala! You are done and your Samsung smartphone is now personalized!

How to change theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover?
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