How to change Xbox to 480p?


If you are wondering how to change Xbox to 480p, you might be in a need to make some updates for your resolution. This is not a rare task an Xbox console owner might face. For instance, if you have just bought your console, some basic settings must be adapted to your peripheral devices, like the TV. On the other side, if you have just bought your TV, then such a change Xbox to 480 might be also needed if the TV screen has 480p resolution.

Today, we focus your attention on this specific resolution, because the most common TV screens today are 480p. Though, be sure that if you find out how to change Xbox to 480p, it means you can make any resolution changes (720, 1080) and etc, including to move to HD mode. But let`s focus on the 480p, still, you can use this guide as an example to your own planned resolution change.

Here is what you have to do to change Xbox to 480p?:

  • Open the home screen
  • Go to Guide Xbox menu
  • Move to settings of the consoles
  • Click on System.
  • See the big table with the sub settings for the system technical options
  • Choose Console settings
  • Press on Display option
  • Click on HDTV settings
  • See the four options you have
  • Chose the first option, 480p to change Xbox to 480p
  • Answer the system Xbox question if you see the picture finally on your TV. You will be asked once you make the change
  • Let the console go to its default resolution in case you do not see any clear picture 10 seconds after the question
  • Press Save to permanently move to 480p settings
  • Restart TV and Xbox console
  • Enjoy  the change!

If you have any doubts about this guide or you find some difficulties in the changing Xbox to 480p, we are here to give you some additional assistance. Contact us back and we will make sure you can make the change and use your console in a perfect combo with your TV.

How to change Xbox to 480p?
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