How to change Xbox refresh rate?


Anyone can change Xbox refresh rate. It is one of the options you have as an Xbox console owner when it comes to the appropriate adjusting settings the devices comes with. We are here to give you some basic instructions about this mission. As a matter of fact, any Xbox – including the newest and the oldest versions – have a lot of options, when it comes to display settings and their modifications, updates, and changes. It is extremely simple to make a change in the settings, including the change Xbox refresh rate.

The main idea behind it is to be able to adjust your TV screen to the region you are located in, plus the specific activity you will perform on your TV via the Xbox console. For instance, the standard refresh rate in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and many places in Asia. Is 50 Hz. The standard movie viewing mode is suitable for 24Hz. And, on the other side, the television must be 3D-capable to watch 3D content.

Now, see the full tutorial that shows you how to change Xbox refresh rate regardless what exactly Hz you need:

  • Tab on the left side of your home screen
  • Open the basic Xbox guide
  • Move to Settings
  • Choose the folder with All Settings
  • Click on Display and sound
  • Go to Video output
  • Select the display and picture settings that you need
  • Change the refresh rate according to what you aim
  • Enjoy the new options and views, because you succeeded to change Xbox refresh rate successfully

For more questions or some additional help, you can always contact us back. Do not hesitate to ask us about the procedure or to name your problem regarding the mission to change Xbox refresh rate. We are here to help you, so no matter what kind of difficulty you have found, be sure we are here to get you out of the situation. We will be happy to guide and direct you.

How to change Xbox refresh rate?
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