How to change iPhone picture to jpeg?


Looking for a way to change an iPhone picture to jpeg? Whatever your main purpose and reason to do this is, you are in the right place. We are here to explain to you how to perform this task easily and fast. And in few minutes only you will, indeed, be able to convert images to jpeg formats you need that desperately.

Pictures in jpeg format are, as a matter of fact, the most common, used and preferred format. Whether it is about editing a picture or adding to a web content, offline document or something else like uploading it to your social web profile (most social platforms will prefer jpeg pictures of yours, but not png, for instance), you need to know how to change iPhone picture to jpeg by all means. There are few steps you need to follow, but do not worry. You will make it. It is very easy. Here is what you have to do:

Step 1. Open iTunes App Store on your iPhone.
Step 2. Go and browse the following app: JPEG <-> PNG
Step 3. Download the app(it’s free)
Step 4. Go to the JPEG <-> PNG app
Step 5. Chose the option png to jpeg converting


Do not transfer any money, this app is 100% free.

Make sure your current photo is in png format because this tutorial is a simple method to change iPhone picture to jpeg, but only from a png format.  Convert your image to png, if it is in another format currently.Do not forget that your image will be saved directly on your mobile device.
Search for your jpeg image in the JPEG folder in Photos app. Once you have installed and firstly used JPEG <-> PNG, the app will automatically create two folders in Photos app – JPEG and PNG folder.
Deal with the fact that all transparent color from your previous image in png format will be converted to white when you change iPhone picture to jpeg format.

How to change iPhone picture to jpeg?
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