How to change picture quality iPhone 6?


A decision to change picture quality iPhone 6 is not irregular, but logical and normal. Regardless the fact that iPhone 6 is the latest Apple smartphone, there is always a way to improve the image quality a consumer makes, copies, uploads, shares or edits for specific purposes. Change iPhone camera resolution and you will change the picture quality. It helps to avoid different resolution limits when uploading images both: on the web and offline in a device storage space. Generally, it is what is recommended to be done, if the goal is better and higher iPhone picture quality.

However, things do not go that way, when it comes to iPhone 6. The thing is that it uses iOS version, which makes it impossible for the users to change camera resolutions for picture making. On the contrary – consumers can only take the benefits of this feature for video shooting. So how to change picture quality iPhone 6 anyway – even though it is quite good anyway. See the guide below and follow the steps:

  1. Visit App Store. Create an account, if you don`t have any yet. Or use your current account’s password and username to get in.
  2. Go to the browsing app tab to enter the name of the app that will help you change picture quality iPhone 6.
  3. Try image size. It is a cool application that lets a consumer transfer the image to the targeted resolution. The sizing is in inches, pixel, millimeter, centimeter. It is up to you what sizing approach you will choose. To save the image after you change the picture quality iPhone 6, send it to your mailbox or store it on your iPhone.

Alternative approach

  1. Download iResize. It is another image resize app that is very close to the previous one. After installation, follow the same steps you have made to change picture quality iPhone 6 on the previous application.
  2. Crop and resize the image. Try to change picture quality iPhone 6 without an app or App Store help.
  3. Use the official Photo Editing tools installed on your device by default. Make an ideal resizing by cropping precisely.
  4. Visit the Open photo app on your device. Make a screen snapshot. Then, press the sleep button.


Try the solution to change picture quality iPhone 6 that works best for you.

How to change picture quality iPhone 6?
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