How to change YouTube quality iPhone 3G?


HD YouTube with 3G

It is not strange to want to change YouTube quality iPhone 3G at all. Apple`s smartphones are quite good devices for YouTube video watching. Especially when you are on the go and you have some time to kill – whether during a travel or when waiting for something outside your home place and only with a phone in your hand.

The reason we want to change YouTube quality iPhone 3G, in general, is that 3G net will provide you less qualitative YouTube video. This is a reaction the YouTube application makes. And it is due to the necessity for data saving, while you are on the go and use 3G internet. The less the video quality is, the less data you spend.

But you do not actually have to suffer from this limit. You can change YouTube quality iPhone 3G by avoiding the quality deduction. What you have to do is to use a specially tailored app and the following steps to be done on your mobile device. Here is the full guide as to how to finally change the YouTube quality iPhone 3G and be able to see your favorite videos in a perfect HQ mode even if you are on the go:

Install Safari web browser, if you do not have such on your iPhone yet.

Step 1. Go to Safari app and open it.

Step 2. Insert the YouTube address:

Step 3. Select the YouTube video you want to see or click any random video to test the trick that helps you to change.

Step 4. YouTube quality iPhone 3G.

Step 5. Press on the HQ option. You can see it on your right side of the screen no matter what Safari version you use or what your iPhone smartphone model is.

Step 6. Find the thumbnail and tab on it.

Step 7. Ready to go – you can now enjoy your selected YouTube video with no quality reduction.



To always watch YouTube videos in proper HQ mode, you can remove the YouTube app icon -> Replace it with the Safari web app on the iPhone screen – > Press the + button and then click on the add to home screen option


Contact us, if you have any questions or if you find difficulties in watching YouTube videos on your iPhone in 3G internet mode and on the go.

How to change YouTube quality iPhone 3G?
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