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How to change Android calculator to degrees


Android calculator to degrees

If you used to believe that you cannot change Android calculator to degrees, you are about to change your method. We are about to disclose you a super easy method that can help you deal with this task in case you really need your calculator to be adjusted to work with degrees. Before that, though, it is our duty to remind you – or for those, who are not aware, to inform you – that in general, a calculator (whether on Android, or iOS, or any other device) can work either in degrees or in radians. Both measures are equally popular, but it is a matter of location, purpose of use or final goal you have to choose any of them. Sometimes, it is almost the same whether you will use degrees or radians. However, in other cases, it is essential to use specifically one of these measures to complete your task properly or to make your calculation correctly.

Now, let skip to the concrete assignment we`ve got now. We will give you a short, but detailed enough guide how to change Android calculator to degrees.

Here is how to change Android calculator to degrees:

  • Forget about using your default calculator on your smartphone. It will not work. Instead, skip to a modern app that let you change Android calculator to degrees easily.
  • Go to App Store.
  • Move to the search tab.
  • Search for a specially tailored app called Android M Calculator. It is a Google-based app.
  • Download Android M Calculator. It is 100% free.
  • Install the software by following the guides. It is easy and fast.
  • Restart the smartphone if needed.
  • Open Android M Calculator app
  • Go to settings
  • Change Android calculator to degrees, if it is adjusted to calculate in radians
  • Make your calculations now
  • Change the degrees to radians the next time, if you need them for your calculations

As you can see to change Android calculator to degrees isn`t hard or a long-lasting process at all. You can share our guide with friends or random people you meet in the web looking for the same hack to make their calculations on their smartphones. We are always happy to be helpful!