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How to change PS4 aspect ratio?


For some reason it might happen to everyone: to star looking for a way to change PS4 aspect ratio. Those gamers, who are already proud owners of the latest PS console version are aware that settings are not that easy to be mixed, updated and mainly: changed. Speaking of which, it is still too soon to be able to find all the necessary hacks we need to make your gaming experience as convenient and funny as possible. Well, at some point, for some gamers to change PS4 aspect ratio might be even more than just a pretension,  but a condition to suit the console with some peripheral device, like the TV screen. In all cases, below you will find the ways to change PS4 aspect ratio. Follow the steps of these methods:

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How to change PS4 background music?


If you want to change PS4 background music, you must be one of those millions of users, who believe and claim that the main theme song really sucks. We do agree with you, which is why we have decided to look for an answer to your questions: how to change PS4 background music and how to do this as soon as possible. There are two interesting ways we have prepared for you. We believe you will appreciate them. And how could not you? After all, the main Ps4 background music is indeed very very annoying.

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How to change PS4 dashboard?


Many gamers seem to be interested in the option to change PS4 dashboard. And you should not be curious why. As a matter of fact, indeed, the latest PS version dashboard seems to be a little bit messy and this chaos may be very annoying for the most organized and disciplined gamers in the community. Moreover – the previous PS3 version offered much more organized dashboard, where it was easier to find what you are looking for, especially if you have a lot of elements to look through.

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How to change PS4 date of birth?


Ok, at first point, the desire to change PS4 date of birth seems a little bit confusing and weird, but it is for sure: there are many searches of this issue on the web. Moreover – the cases of people, who are trying to make this change are also many and the reasons are numerous. Sometimes, you cannot use your ID or debit card, if the date of birth on this document is different from your previously left information in your PS profile. In all cases, it is important for a gamer to change Ps4 date of birth mostly when he grows up. Why are we saying that? Well, here is where the main reason the date of birth was at first wrongly written.

The thing is that a person becomes a gamer from his early age, when it is impossible to make a PS account. The gamer either lies about his or her age, when creating an official account, or asks a parent (other grown-up) to sign up instead of him / her. As a result of this, when the gamer grows up, it is impossible for him to use the same account – especially if the password is lost. As any other subscription, PS account can be recovered even if you lose your password (or / and username) only if you answer a special secret question. However, to reach this question, you need to write down your birthday, which is another case, when you face an issue with this date. Some people will tell you that it is impossible to chance PS4 date of birth. At first, we were about to tell you the same. Though, there are two ways you might be curious to try or at least, to hear about.

Here is what you can do to change Ps4 date of birth:

  1. Contact PS4 customer support services.
  2. Explain your issue.
  3. Be honest when telling why you do not know your Ps4 date of birth or why you have lied the first place
  4. Change your Ps4 date of birth by following their guides
  5. Make another account and replace the e-mails with your parent`s e-mail and account.
  6. Do it by visiting your profile via Facebook

If you have some additional questions as to how to Ps4 date of birth, contact us right away.

How to change PS4 display name?


In past, there was an option that let you change PS4 display name, remember? Ok, it was not exactly like that, but a similar right to make a choice was provided to the users, so they could take the benefits of having their gamer tag as they wanted them to be. Today, to change PS4 display name might be a big challenge, though. It is for sure that many of you have tried to make some combos through the account changes or by contacting the customer support services, but everything was in vain, right? Do not worry. Today, we will give you the directions how to change PS4 display name and we are not talking about that old, but a gold option that does not exist anymore and that appears only when you firstly open your account.

Here is what you can do to change PS4 display name:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Move the mouse on the tap to find the option you look for
  3. Click on PSN section
  4. Find it on the third field to the top
  5. Wait few minutes for the folder to load – especially if this is your first time in this section
  6. Press Account information tab
  7. Find it in the second position from the top
  8. Be careful not to click on sign out. This might be the last time you are in your account if you do not remember all of your data for signing in
  9. Wait for the loading up to
  10. Go to the fourth column
  11. Click on Profile
  12. Press on the first option – Name
  13. You will be shown the two fields for sign in password and user name with user name filled with your ID
  14. Type your password
  15. Write the name you want to be displayed on the first name field
  16. Enjoy your new display name

If you have any questions as to the tutorial how to change PS4 display name, do not doubt, but contact us right away. We would be happy to help you.

How to change PS4 online id?


One of the most frequently asked questions for the newest PS version – the PS4 – is whether and how to change Ps4 online id. Indeed, it might be weird and strange for you, but as a matter of fact, many users are desperately seeking for an alternative they can take benefits of regarding this problem. Some people just did not have good options for an ID, when they were firstly making their accounts. Others, on the other side, did not even think about how important this could be. In all cases, the more experienced you become, the more everything starts mattering, right? So do the Ps4 online id. So if you also ask yourself how to change PS4 online ID, here are the things we can tell you for sure and the recommendations we would like to give you.

The easiest way to change PS4 online id:

  1. Forget about changing your PS online Id. You just cannot do this. It is one of the Sony`s policies rules and you are not able to do anything about it.
  2. Make a new account. If you are so annoyed about your current PS4 online ID, you need to use your second chance to have a suitable one. So go open a new account
  3. Go offline. In this mode you can change Ps4 Id and what to be displayed as your name.
  4. Try to explain the customer support services why you really need to change your Ps4 online ID. There might be cases this worked. But we do not know anything about these cases. Really.

Make sure not to worry about your PS4 online Id. Indeed, it can be very annoying and not suitable for your experience or game preferences at all. However, you know very well that the ID is not the most important thing about your exciting PS4 experience. So enjoy your game instead and good luck!

How to change Samsung S view?


If anyone among you looks for a way to change Samsung S view, he might find an answer right away. We are here to prove you that any Samsung user is actually able to set his or her own S view of the smartphone background without changing your device or risking your default settings. You can actually use your own wallpaper instead of looking at the same banal consumer`s background S view, which does not come in such awesome colors and patterns.

Now, let us guide you through the entire simple procedure that explains to you how to change Samsung S view. Below, you can see all the steps to do perform in order to change the look of your Android smartphone regarding the background.

Here is how to change Samsung S view:

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Find the place to tab the app you will need to change Samsung S view
  3. Write down QuickShortcutmaker
  4. Download the application
  5. Install the app on your device
  6. Restart, if needed, and just in case to be sure that you will be able to use it at a full value
  7. Go to Normal search in the app
  8. Switch from Incremental search, if necessary, because sometimes, QuickShortcutmaker goes with it as default search option
  9. Go to Setting icon
  10. Move to the setting icon
  11. Scroll down the list
  12. Tab on Power Saving option
  13. Find S View option
  14. Look for the full name – SviewCover2014
  15. Click on Try panel to take a look at what you can achieve and how to change Samsung S view
  16. Save the shortcut on your home screen
  17. Open the new shortcut
  18. Select the photo you want to use
  19. Browse the photo from your own Gallery
  20. Crop the picture, if necessary to change Samsung S view finally
  21. Save the changes

If you have any questions or difficulties as to this procedure, make sure to contact us back. We will be very happy and ready to additionally help you out with this task. To change Samsung S View, though, is quite easy and you can make it on your own with our guide, by all means.