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How to change theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover?


No one likes Samsung decision to make a hilarious limit on the consumer`s phone look, which is why today, everyone wants to change Theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover. Indeed, Xcover is one of the most used software that runs on Android OS with about 1.5 GB RAM and offers 4-5 inch, 480 x 800 pixel display with good options for style recovery, but you want something more, right? Here is how to change Theme on Samsung Galaxy Xcover step by step, guys. Use our guide and make your life simpler and your phone: more beautiful and personalized in a way you want it to look:

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How to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound?


Probably you are new to this brand smartphone series if you are trying to find a way to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound. But even though you have been a Samsung Galaxy owner for years and now you have no clue or idea how to do that, do not panic, and what is more important: do not get embarrassed. We all have weak points and nobody knows everything, right? And this one must be yours. There is a way for you to change Samsung unlock sound, which is the good news. And now we are going to show it to you how to make your mission complete. Follow our steps:

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