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How to change Samsung S view?


If anyone among you looks for a way to change Samsung S view, he might find an answer right away. We are here to prove you that any Samsung user is actually able to set his or her own S view of the smartphone background without changing your device or risking your default settings. You can actually use your own wallpaper instead of looking at the same banal consumer`s background S view, which does not come in such awesome colors and patterns.

Now, let us guide you through the entire simple procedure that explains to you how to change Samsung S view. Below, you can see all the steps to do perform in order to change the look of your Android smartphone regarding the background.

Here is how to change Samsung S view:

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Find the place to tab the app you will need to change Samsung S view
  3. Write down QuickShortcutmaker
  4. Download the application
  5. Install the app on your device
  6. Restart, if needed, and just in case to be sure that you will be able to use it at a full value
  7. Go to Normal search in the app
  8. Switch from Incremental search, if necessary, because sometimes, QuickShortcutmaker goes with it as default search option
  9. Go to Setting icon
  10. Move to the setting icon
  11. Scroll down the list
  12. Tab on Power Saving option
  13. Find S View option
  14. Look for the full name – SviewCover2014
  15. Click on Try panel to take a look at what you can achieve and how to change Samsung S view
  16. Save the shortcut on your home screen
  17. Open the new shortcut
  18. Select the photo you want to use
  19. Browse the photo from your own Gallery
  20. Crop the picture, if necessary to change Samsung S view finally
  21. Save the changes

If you have any questions or difficulties as to this procedure, make sure to contact us back. We will be very happy and ready to additionally help you out with this task. To change Samsung S View, though, is quite easy and you can make it on your own with our guide, by all means.

How to change Samsung update server?


The reason why someone might want to change Samsung update server is by all means connected with the change of the current location. What we mean is that if you have a smartphone from one country, but you want to use it at a full value in all system settings and options, this change might be very necessary. When you do this change, you will be able to get the necessary updates, specifically for your country.

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How to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound?


Probably you are new to this brand smartphone series if you are trying to find a way to change Samsung Galaxy unlock sound. But even though you have been a Samsung Galaxy owner for years and now you have no clue or idea how to do that, do not panic, and what is more important: do not get embarrassed. We all have weak points and nobody knows everything, right? And this one must be yours. There is a way for you to change Samsung unlock sound, which is the good news. And now we are going to show it to you how to make your mission complete. Follow our steps:

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How to change Samsung Android version?


It is a must for every Samsung smartphone owner to be able to change Samsung Android version on her or his device. What we speak about is, of course, the important chore any smartphone user has: to update his software version. And since Samsung uses Android, you need to be able to change Samsung Android version unless you decide to skip to a new company…

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