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How to change Android games screen size


Many gamers or Android smartphone users have hard times in adjusting various and different games to their personal devices, which is why a good hack to change Android games screen size is a good thing to come upon on the web, right?

It is not a secret to anybody that in past, games were few and mobile device models were a few, too. However, with the growth of the mobile device models variety, as well as the number of games, we cannot count on the luck to finally see our games on our individual screen, can we?

Here is where the necessity to learn how to change Android games screen size comes and we are about to satisfy this need with a good and detailed tutorial. Below, you will see a decent and helpful guide as to how to change Android games screen size in few simple steps. Here it is…

How to change Android games screen size

  • Position the screen to the Android resolution game
  • Put integers to define the necessary coordinates you need
  • Measure in pixels only
  • Try another option – instead of the integers putting
  • Use Screen width and Screen height size
  • Keep the sizes of the game proportional to the sizes of your Android mobile device
  • Change the size of the texts and the textures, as well
  • Make each size of the above proportional to the screen width and the screen height
  • Use text mesh
  • Resize the game resolution proportionally
  • Choose to display a texture with GUITexture
  • Handle the size of the rectangle in screen functions
  • Attach the following script to code the Screen height


var x,y,a,b:float = 0.5;

    function Update() {

        var myTexture:GUITexture = GetComponent(GUITexture);

        myTexture.pixelInset = Rect (x*Screen.width, y*Screen.height, a*Screen.width, b*Screen.height);


  • Press the play button to see if something else must be done for quick adjustment
  • Enjoy the new sizes of your Android game screen


The task to change Android game screen size, indeed, is not the easiest thing ever, if you are not that big IT specialist. So if you found any difficulties with the procedure we have explained above, make sure to contact us. We will give you additional guides. Good luck!