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How to change Android device serial number


Android device serial number

With so many hacks for various things in the web, today, it is also possible for you to change Android device serial number. In case you are looking for the same resolution – regardless what your main purpose is – we are here to give you a hand. We are about to provide you with decent information as to how to change Android device serial number. But before that, let us give you some basic information about the serial number of an Android-based smartphone in advance…

You need to know that every smartphone (Android, but not only, because of iOS devices, as well) has a unique number. This number is preliminarily provided by the manufacturer. This id is more commonly known as a Serial number. Everyone is able to check his or her device Serial number by navigating to Settings, then going to About the phone folder, then pressing on Phone Status. You sill see the unique number written to SIM slot, but it can be also presented as IMEI number.

Whether you will call it IMEI number, id or serial number, the following guide is suitable for you. You only need to use it for Android-based devices.

Here is how to change Android device serial number in few simple steps

  • Make sure you use the following guide only for good purposes. Still, we do not take any responsibility if someone of you gets in trouble after a non-ethical action with this guide.
  • Install XPOSED framework on your Android device
  • Get to know if your device is rooted
  • Change Android device serially with a special app
  • Visit Google App Store
  • Search for the following app Serial Number Changer
  • Have no worries, this application is suitable for any Android devices, even for oldest models
  • Install the application with XPOSED installer
  • Enable Serial Number Changer on your device
  • Tap on the application icon
  • Open the app
  • Type your current serial number
  • Reboot the device to change Android device serial number
  • Save the changes
  • Go back to your old serial number with the same guide that shows you how to change Android device serial number

If you have misunderstood any of our steps in this guide or you need some additional help, do not doubt, but contact us back. We are here to answer your questions as to how to change Android device serial number.