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How to change time Xbox one?


You might have heard that if you want to change time Xbox one, you might get some ban from a game administrator or the console system administrators. There`s no such a thing. And if you have read this gossip among any gamer`s forum, be sure to forget it. There is a way to change time Xbox one and to tell you the truth, it is pretty easy. All you need to do, of course, is to follow our simple guide.

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How to change Xbox to 480p?


If you are wondering how to change Xbox to 480p, you might be in a need to make some updates for your resolution. This is not a rare task an Xbox console owner might face. For instance, if you have just bought your console, some basic settings must be adapted to your peripheral devices, like the TV. On the other side, if you have just bought your TV, then such a change Xbox to 480 might be also needed if the TV screen has 480p resolution.

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How to change Xbox refresh rate?


Anyone can change Xbox refresh rate. It is one of the options you have as an Xbox console owner when it comes to the appropriate adjusting settings the devices comes with. We are here to give you some basic instructions about this mission. As a matter of fact, any Xbox – including the newest and the oldest versions – have a lot of options, when it comes to display settings and their modifications, updates, and changes. It is extremely simple to make a change in the settings, including the change Xbox refresh rate.

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